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Hello from Germany

I have escaped the storm! Luckily I was able to fly out last night and made it to Germany before having to deal with much of Sandy. It’s a quick business trip, but I will be in England tomorrow night until Friday morning. I have the day to spend in London on Thursday, so send some recommendations! Anything to eat, see, do, buy, etc. etc.. I’ve been before so I’ve done most of the touristy stuff, but do you know of any hidden gems?

San Fran in 4 Days!

I’m headed back to San Francisco on Saturday until Thursday morning. Please send some suggestions my way. I’d like to do everything I didn’t the first time around. Good restaurants, night life, adventures, etc. As of now I’m doing Sonoma and Napa (I can’t get enough) on Sunday and Alcatraz at some point. I’ll be staying in union square.

So, what should I do?

Much needed trip

L.A. yesterday, San Diego today, Big Sur Tuesday, Napa Valley Wednesday and San Francisco Friday-Sunday. Do send recommendations for all locations :)

First Trip to Austin!

I’m going to Austin Friday-Monday. Send me suggestions and/or let me know if you wanna meet up! WOOP!


I’m going to Philly this weekend. Any awesome places I should eat/drink/visit/see?


Soo, I’m going to NYC this weekend. I’ve been a dozen times before so somebody needs to tell me about some hidden treasures cause I’ve already done all the touristy stuff. Vintage shops, good restaurants, anything, anyone?

I took off work today.

I think it’s time I take a “personal day”. Not to mention it’s suppose to get up to 65 today and I could not be happier. Sooo, what should I do? Any suggestions?

I’m going to Chicago on Friday…

for the first time ever! Would anybody like to be my tour guide or give me suggestions on where to go? I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time..I’ve heard great things.

Boston Bound

Any suggestions on things to do in Beantown?